For any questions, requests or complaints concerning the application of this Notice or for exercising your rights, as described in this Notice, you can contact us at the Data Protection Contact Point.

Data Protection Contact Point 

• E-mail :

• TELINAGAR, ASHTOGRAM – 3400 Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

Rakib Ayash (Person responsible for all Facebook content according  Broadcasting Agreement)

Personal Data from Social Media : 

Facebook Insights Data, When you visit Rakib Ayash  Facebook page, Facebook may collect insights data, i.e., how often you visit the Rakib Ayash Facebook page, whether you recommend it in a post or comment, etc. Subsequently, Facebook provides anonymous statistics and insights about the usage of the Rakib Ayash Facebook page to Rakib Ayash, (such as number of followers, number of interactions with a post, etc.) to help us understand how users are engaging with our Facebook page.

Which user data Facebook collects is not known to Rakib Ayash. Rakib Ayash does not gain full access to such collected user data or any user profiles. Rakib Ayash can only access public profile information. Which information you share as public can be adjusted via your Facebook settings. In addition you can actively hide your “likes” or unlike the page via the Facebook settings. Your profile will then not be listed as fan of this page anymore.

Rakib Ayash receives from Facebook anonymous statistics based on legitimate interest about the usage of our page. The following anonymous information will be provided to Rakib Ayash: 

 • Follower : number of persons following Rakib Ayash – including growth and development over a defined time frame.

• Range : Number of people who see a specific contribution. Number of interactions on a post. For example, you can deduce which content in the community is better than other. 

• Advertisement performance : How many people have seen an ad or an article and interacted with it?

• Demography : Average age of visitors, sex, place of residence, language. 

Those statistics are used to steadily improve our Facebook online content and to better respond to the interests of our users. We cannot link statistical data with the profiles of our fans or individual users. You can use your Facebook settings to decide in which form you would display targeted advertisements.

For more information about Facebook Page Insights Data please visit :